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For Brands
We specialize in providing customization services about LED mirrors. We tailor products as finely as possible to fulfill your brand needs and turn your ideas to life.
For Distributors & Impoerters
We are currently supplying for distributors and importers with the capacity 12,000pcs of LED mirrors monthly.
For Wholesalers
As an experienced LED mirror manufacturer, we offer the best quality products at the competitive wholesale price. This allows us to work with you to provide great value for your customers.

How do we make mirrors?

Our Most Loved Features
High Quality
Adopt 5MM depth HD environmental copper-free and no lead silver mirror. The mirror is more clear and no distortion, with high quality reflection and no scratches, light leakage or blisters.
 Shatterproof Safety Backing
The safety backing on each mirror makes it is not easy to break. Even if it is smashed by a hard object, it will not produce fragments.
 Demister Pad
If you have been troubled by the fog on the mirror when taking a shower, now just turn on the dimester pad function button and you can enjoy your shower as long as you like. The built-in anti-fog feature means there's no need to constantly treat your mirrors with a fog-free spray, or rinse them multiple times per shower. Safe and energy efficient.
 Dimmable and Memory
The colour( (warm, natural and white) and brightness of the lights can be adjusted. Press the button to turn on & off or hold to select colour temperature. Besides that, our mirrors have a memory function. When it is powered off and restarted, the last use state is restored. Avoid the trouble of repeatedly adjusting. Suitable for hotels, high-end salons or bedrooms and bathrooms at home.
 Horizontally or Vertically Installation
Two installation methods, which can be hung horizontally or vertically to best fit your bathroom and cabinet.
Best Sellers
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